What to do on New Years

Here are tips for us Muslims who do NOT celebrate New Years to do instead of wrong on this night/day :
Check out the previous post fot more info..

1. Sleep


By far, the most cozy and comfortable place ever is the bed!

Moulana abdulHamid (db) so beautifully points out that if a person fears that he will fall into the trap of shaytan and end up in sin, should sleep. In this way, one is free from fitnah.

2. Open your ears to the world of..


Listen to Qur’aan, Qiraat, Anaasheed, audio lectures etc…

There are many available all over the internet, Alhamdulillah.
Just at our fingertips.
Qiraat by Sheikh Abdul Basit is by far the most beautiful! Others include, Sheikh Hajaaj Hindawi, Sheikh Ahmed Nainah, Sheikh Minshawi..etc.
A great channel to check on YouTube: Mohammad Zafar

3. Read blogs


That’s right! Read blogs!

There are over million blogs out there…but there’s only a few that are excellent blogs.
These two blogs are great blogs and I’d like you to check them out:
A Chance To Change
Troubled Illusions
P.S: They post regularly

4. Acquire a skill

Learn how to maybe, ice a cake? Make a shelf?
Learn how to do many things. There are plenty of sites and places where tutorials are available. Just go to Google and in less than a minute you’ll find what you looking for.. before you know it, you would have acquired the skill to do something.

5. Pack your draws or cupboards


If you pack your cupbaords and shelves, you will be occupied. Although it is not something everyone likes to do, we have to. You can’t say that your cupboard is clean and not messy coz ofcourse it’s messy!
Just kidding.
In a Hadith it states: Verily Allah is clean and He loves cleanliness

6. Make a list of things you need to get done by the end of the week/month/year

Example: I want to be reciting Quran daily by the end of the month.
Remember the intention is quite important!

7. Recite a page (or more) of the Qur’aan


For each letter you recite, there is reward.

For Apple users, here’s an app for you:
Quran Majeed Free Edition

My Quran

For Android users, here’s an app on Google Play Store:
Holy Quran Dual Page Indo Pak

Quran Android

8. Watch an inspirational Islamic video on YouTube

A very nice channel is TheMercifulServant.

9. Browse through nature images or browse through facts


You can marvel at the creation of Allah
. Say SubhanAllah!

10. Make Taubah for your sins


As man, we are very weak.. we commit sins daily and nightly. None of us are free from sins.
WAllahi, if you have to lift your hands on New Years Eve crying to the Most Merciful Rabb…with sincerity and hoping for His Mercy, Allah will most definitely forgive you.
If you out of 7 billion people have been blessed with imaan and the understanding of deen, and you out of the many millions who are involved in sin on that night, abstain from all of that, Allah will love your act and He most definitely will accept your du’aa.

11. Give charity

No no and no. Charity isn’t only money..
There are many things that if done equal to charity.
Eg. Smiling at your Muslim brother or sister (depends on your gender)

Every Tasbeeh is charity. Even removing a harmful object from the pathway is charity.

12. New Years Eve will be falling on Jumuah


a) Send Durood upon Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) coz ‘send durood upon me on a Jumuah because your durood (salawaat) is presented to me.’ (Hadith)

b) Read Surah Kahf coz one will be saved from the fitnahs of Dajjal

c) Read Surah Dukhaan on the night of Jumuah

13. Draw or colour


Instead of watching the fireworks which isn’t acceptable, colour, paint or draw.
I’m sure some works of art will be the outcome.

14. Make a small du’aa (less than two minutes even)


Pray for the Ummah! The Ummah is going through a very tough time and we should make du’aa.
Droughts are prevelant, fitnahs are so rife, Muslims have forgotten their religion, people are turning renegade ( O Allah, save us), the youth are drinking alcohol and taking drugs… it’s a reality.

15. Pray for me..

A small plea. Make special du’aa for me coz I am in need of your du’aa.
Send Isaal e Thawaab for the Marhumeen.
May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdose, fill their graves with noor, forgive then conpletely, enlighten their faces, raise them to the highest stages and make their graves a garden from thr gardens of Jannah!

16. Stay away from smoking, drugs, alcohol, music, zina etc


The struggle is real and shaytan will drag you in. The real question is; can you overpower shaytaan and your nafs?

Please O Ummah! Do not turn a blind eye to your deen!

Allah is watching you at all times.

I appeal to you the youth of the world from South Africa, Namibia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, European Union, France, Finland, Brazil, Japan, China, Canada, Austrailia, Jordan…basically the whole world!!!

You are a Muslim always. Allah has made you a Muslim, why destroy your Islam?
Why cross the limits always?
Has the time not come?
Why so arrogant and ignorant?

Allah is the Most Merciful, He will accept your taubah!

Don’t sell your Imaan like that.

wAllahi, in Jannah it’ll be MUCH, MUCH better.

Even though you struggling in this dunya, there’s always Jannah to look forward to!

Author’s note:

I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I did.

My blogs: Islamic Musings

Miss Muslimah

Email or comment below for any mistakes in the post above ( missmuslimah9@gmail.com )

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Allah bless you with aafiyat.


5 thoughts on “What to do on New Years

  1. Asalaamualaykum
    Very nice and amazing things to do and keep us occupied
    May Allah give us the ability to practise all the above mentioned… and may Allah reward u for ur efforts…
    Remeber us also in ur duaa
    And may Allah accept all our efforts
    Jazakillah sister for the wonderfull aspiring words… may Allah reward u in abundant❤
    Jumaa mubarak💞

    1. Wa alaykumus Salaam.
      Jazaakillah khair sister.
      Aameen, thumma aameen.
      Jazaakillah for the lovely du’aas.
      Allah grant us true knowledge of His Deen and make us true Ummaties of Nabi (salAllahu alyayhi wa salam ..
      May Allah accept from me and you the good that we do on this blessed day.

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