Nasheed 9: Palestine Nasheed

Name:  قسما صامد

Muhammed Al Muqit

Lyrics: (English Translation)

Your soul concerns no arrest
No matter how long imprisonment lasts
It’s your way the path of men
Your prison is sanctum and invocation
Prison cells gather hereos
From you your jailer won’t attain
With your head high, you walk in pride
Determined and steadfast like mountains
And you are loved
to your family dear
I swear liberating you is all I have in mind
Even if they imprisoned your body O warrior
Or if they blindfolded your eyes…
You will remain free,
And they the thieves
In your house they are the detained
We pledge that we will pay the debt
We won’t forget you our prisoners
We together are still resistant
We will meet on the day of rejoice
Ten thousand and more…
Inside the prisons not afraid
A fourth of a nation wander the prisons
And the world was looking, but they didn’t see…
We want Al-Qassaam The Snatcher
Captures and liberator of generations
If they imprison you O my free sister
Don’t pay heed to the vile and the flagellent
By the Will of Allah the tide will turn
The land will become liberated once again
You are the free who love death
When our Lord made the call
How regretful for those who heard…
And didn’t respond fot our Aqsa
My sister, liberating you is all I care for
And don’t take heed of your jail
I swear evenif they would shed my blood
You won’t remain in this darkness
(My sister O pride of the Ummah (Our Nation)
You are the glory of the battlefield
O Zionist, no matter how arrogant you grow
Your prison is above thirty
Your jailer oppresses…
And on my land he builds prison cells
Send my message to the Naqab prison and Aufar
That our heroes voices neigh
The day will come that we be free
This land is our home
Allah of you will become Gilad
And we will capture you in our lands
Your day will come O flagellant
The banner of Islam will return
The Zionist state will perish
And your dream o Zionist will come to and end

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