Happy New Year! NOT


On Friday, the 1st of January (duh) the world will be celebrating New Years.

We as Muslims from a young age are taught not to imitate the Christians or Jews in any way. Remember those days as a kid, in April seeing all the Easter eggs and always wanting them, but your parents wouldn’t let you!

In the time of our Beloved Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam), it was the month of Muharram and he saw the Jews fasting on the 10th.
So Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) in order to show the Sahaba (radhiyAllahu anhum) ordered that we as Muslims should fast a day before or a day after, trying not to imitate the Jews in any way.

The norm is that on the New Years eve, people around the world get together to celebrate. Families and friends host parties. Basically, this is a night filled with celebration and partying.

We as Muslims do not have any connection with New Years. We CANNOT assist them in preparing these parties and events. We can’t promote these events in any way.
We are totally against it.
Our New Year has begun in Muharram already.

Besides, what actually happens on these nights?
Fitnah after fitnah. There is no good that comes out of these celebrations.

Earlier today, I was browsing on the internet and I was quite sad to see Muslims saying sonething along the lines of ‘ it would be permissible to assist them in preparing for their celebrations because a Muslim has good manners..’
This is baseless.

Our deen also has celebrations. Eidul Adha and Eidul Fitr. Weekly, we have an Eid – Jumuah.

A Muslim’s life isn’t filled with ibaadat the whole day. We do NOT sit and pray on our musallahs the whole day. We do NOT make du’aa, engage in dhikr 24/7!
We do productive things that are for the betterment of ourselves, our dunya and ultimately our Aakhirah.

Last week, Christmas was the trending event. I have seen and heard of many Muslims basically promoting it. It is not permissible. This is an act that the disbelivers do and not the Muslims.

The condition of the Ummah is quite sad.

To conclude, New Years Eve has nothing to do with Muslims and Islam.

We do NOT celebrate such events.

O Allah guide the Ummah on the straight path.

Next post will be: What should a Muslim do as the New Year approaches? Tips etc. Watch this space!

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