Nasheed 7: Your happiness is my happiness

Name: Your happiness is my happiness

Munshid: W’ad Al Bashiry (daughter of Munshid Sameer Al Bashiry

Lyrics: (English)

O you who is looking to give happiness definitions,
Do you know what will give you happiness in your life?
You feel frustrated turning right to left
Gather in your palms all your hopes and dreams…
…and come with all your heart to all those who are praying
You will find all the happiness in your prayers
Do you know what my greatest wish is?
O you who I raise myself to
You will be happy in this life
Your happiness is my happiness
And what is in your chest that has suffered overtime
And you were unable to gather anything in your life
Don’t let your determination decrease over time
Let optimism and hope be from your characteristics
And hold up your arms in du’aa; Allah will help!
And go after your livelihood and fulfilling your dreams
And you who took (commiting) sins lightly
You overindulged and good passed you
(Go and seek) repentance for your sins
The repentance of (those who are) sincere and begin your life correctly
Happiness and peace will not part from you
And you who worked hard in both harsh and easy times
Who does not seek retribution except from your Lord
With goodness you travel through all the lands
And helping others is from your most beautiful traits
Do not cry from sadness from any eye
For Allah will keep you steadfast always ♡

YouTube link: Your Happiness is my happiness

Link to download as audio: Click here

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