Nasheed 5: Beautiful Arabic Nasheed

Name: Beautiful Arabic Nasheed 2013

Munshid (singer): Unknown

Lyrics: (English):

Do you remember the day when you would embrace the tears of your thoughts,
You called to Allah with patience, hoping for Mercy to occur,
So the heart lived with sincerity and you began to hover like a bird,
You flew with refinement and took from th e increasing goodness,
You see, you still mention it and you remember the beauty of remembering Allah,
So the heart is led into melodies, it’s fragrance diffuses in the chest,
And knowledge is glistening and awakened watering the tree of life,
So the world erases it’s darkness and the smile of dawn radiates,
The world cries out Your name with light from poetry,
It utters all the cries of joy taking pride in the increasing fascination,
So you send splendour with the palm of love and purity,
My friend accept from this world the breeze of love and appreciation,
You completed your precious dream and filled the garden with roses,
Congratulations to you, which will colour a life time of happiness
So flowers will grow happily spreading the best of fragrances,
And you will live in success in the light of the truth and victory.

YouTube video: Click here

Link to download as audio: Click here



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