Miracles happen

Poems don’t have to rhyme,
Things don’t have to make sense.

I watched the imaginary rain drops in sync with my tears,
I looked up at the bright sky, so full of life,
I seen few clouds…
No hope, I nodded my head to no one in particular…
I wished for so many things..
I have too many hopes and wishes..
I should let go.

Reality hurts.

I looked up, hours later…
And there the bright sky had transformed into the total opposite,
The sky was sky, grey, like my old grey sweater,
There was intermittent clouds according to my phone’s weather forecast,
And the rain came like a bang…

The sound of rain against the roof of the foyer broke me,
It doesn’t make sense but it broke me so much that it fixed my broken-ness.

And in that moment, I prayed to Allah, the One who sends down rain to relieve me of my grief…

And I felt so relieved after that…

Coz miracles happen.
Hourly, if not hourly  daily..if not daily, weekly..if not weekly, monthly…well miracles occur.

So smile 🙂


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