Be yourself

Just look at the beautiful landscape.
It’s as beautiful as your eyes on a star lit night.
Oh wait.. the landscape encapsulates your beauty.
Your hidden beauty.

You so sophisticated.

Just look at how explicit the view is!
The photographer is trying his utmost best to put the exact scenery to a mere photo, but his camera can’t do justice!

The landscape itself has beauty… no one will truly experience the pleasure of witnessing it’s beauty except those present.

Your beauty is a subject on it’s own.
Describing your character requires another meeting..
But we’ll leave it at that, that we all have beauty. It’s either inner or outer..and some are lucky enough like the landscape to have both.

So live.
And leave (the past) .

Leave the haters.
Live the way that’s most fulfilling.
And love for Allah’s pleasure .

And remember your eyes are beautiful. They hold a different story. Your soul is beautiful. And we all have flaws.

So be yourself ♡


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