Let go..

You have so much talent,
But you quite afraid to let go of fear.
Wait, you so fearful of nothing.
You don’t know what you afraid of.
You afraid you won’t be able to do your best. You afraid you won’t be able to give much to the world as you thought you would.
You just lie there trying to think.
Trying to grasp what you’ve done.
You have messed up big time.
But there surely must be a way out, yeah?
You afraid of becoming obsessed with yourself.
Because that’s what people live for nowadays…
Scrolling through your Instagram and all you find are lost souls, trying to find solace, searching for comfort, forgetting reality, drowning in obsession for selfies, and well you know what I’m sayin’
So I really wanna do this…I’m so confused.
I have no proper suitable direction.

But let go…let go of all what pushed you behind…
Let go of all that left you in oblivion.
You not an insecure, obsessed human.
You do have something that you are able to produce. You are able to produce works of art.
You have an amazing personality.

So go for what you dream of…

Push yourself towards your goals.

Say Bismillah…and let of of the past.

Begin the future with a happy face… with a positive face.



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3 thoughts on “Let go..

  1. This poem speaks to me directly. I remind myself to just go ahead but something holds me back. I have started but almost tentatively. In sha Allah, it will become a success. 🙂

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