Ma’rifat of Allah around you

Early one morning, my eyes opened in shock.
I was frightened.

It felt as if I was having a nightmare.

Was I?

I was sweating. The perspiration dropped onto my nose.

I began to feel claustaphobic.

So I jumped out of bed…careful enough to look around….just incase.

I washed up and decided to have a morning stroll.

I wasn’t a morning person. Gosh, no one is a morning person nowadays.

I walked and breathed in the fresh air.

I smiled as I seen the early morning dew present on some rose petals and leaves.

It was a beautiful sight, indeed.

I walked further and breathed a little more.

The early morning air was so fresh.

It opened my lungs.

I could feel my body adapting to it’s surroundings more than ever.

The morning air was fresh.

I looked at the clear blue sky.

This wasn’t even just beautiful.

It was extraordinary.

It was super amazing.

I can’t even find the correct words to describe that morning..

As I strolled back to the house, I pondered.

All of this was a sign of the Power of a Being greater than myself.

My Allah.

My Creator.

He had so beautifully created all of these marvellous creation.

It is a sign for those who reflect and ponder.

It wasn’t created for any vain purpose.

Rather Allah had greater intentions than that.

He created all of these beautiful things for us to ponder and recognise Him.

And was I really recognising my Allah?

Oh well…have I really recognised my Allah?

“Surely, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of intelligence. Those who remember Allah standing, sitting and on their sides and ponder regarding the creation of the heavens and the earth. Our Rabb, You have not created this in vain, Glory be to You, save us from the punishment of the fire….” (Surah Aal ‘Imraan)

P.S. These are just my thoughts. As it says ‘musings’.

Miss Muslimah.


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