He sat watching the rain drops.

How apt was this?

His tears blended with the rain drops.

He couldn’t keep it in forever.

He needed to vent it out.

So he sat dreaming of the imposssible future.

He thought of his messed up past.

He thought of his broken present.

He couldn’t let go of the thought that he had lost in his never ending battle.

He always couldn’t overcome his anger.

Anger was never foreign to him.

He tried feigning ignorance.

But there in the back of his mind lied the reality.

And it shook him.

He couldn’t ever stay calm.

He wished he hadn’t snapped.

He wished he was normal just like everyone else.

But no one was normal, he thought.

Everyone is a little more messed up than you think.

And everyone is fighting their own battle.

No one has the perfect life no matter how much comforts and luxuries they possess.

Wealth doesn’t make you rich but richness of the heart and soul does.


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