The irony

The front door banged shut.


I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

I quickly grabbed my mascara, eyeliner, and all the other ascessories.

I made a dash for the bathroom before anyone noticed me.

I applied my make up as fast as I could.

When I was done, I came out.

Looking as elegant as always.
Putting that pretty ‘fake’ smile on.
Wearing clothes that didn’t reflect my soul.

I just shrugged as a whole lot of other thoughts came flooding in.

When it came to things like going out for family functions, chilling with friends, or just having fun – I’d always not be myself.

The thing is I never have time to be myself.

I’m too busy showing the world another personality.

The world has stolen my glow.

Today was dinner at some fancy restaurant.

My parent’s who were too caught up in their lives never really payed attention to me.
I mean sure they cared, but I was just… you know?

So as I walked to my aunt, flashing my million dollar smile, putting all my sorrows away…I realised something.

I am such a hypocrite.

I greeted all the family members like how I was taught. Be formal, mom always said.

Everyone was caught up in lives full of riches, luxury and wealth.
The whole discussion amongst everyone consisted of gossip, some more gossip, a little more gossip, some fancy shoe, dress, perfume, some celebrity, and the rich life.

I was a spoilt brat.

So that night as I layed my head on my pillow, I thought as much as I could.

And I realised that I am actually a slave to this temporary world.

I am so involved in luxury that I’ve forgotten so many other things.

I am putting on a façade.

My whole face what I show to the world is nothing but deception.

No one knows the real me.

That’s because I have no time to show anyone my real self.

I am taught to be formal in all my ways of life..but ultimately this isn’t going to lead me to success.

So after that heart warming mind and soul discussion, I decided that from today I am going to show the world my real self. I am going to prove that my eternal life is better than this life of sorrow.

Coz I’ve realised that in wealth sorrow is found..
And contentment is found in the depths of simplicity.

“And what is the life of the world compared to the hereafter.”
“And the hereafter is better and everlasting.”


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