Once upon a time, there was a person.

Just like you and I.

He lived a life just like you and I.

He greeted me. He smiled at me. Or he was silent.

I never once thought about the day he would be nothing.

He never meant so much as much as he means to me now.

I never once thought that one day he would be no more.

And one day, he left this world.

And that day, my heart shattered.

My soul was in a mess.

I didn’t appreciate him as much I was supposed to.

He was such a great man.

And today?

He is in his grave.

He isn’t living anymore.

I have learnt that we should appreciate people before they leave us.

Life is short.

Missing someone is inevitable.

There’s nothing you can do.

You can remember the memories.

And cry about it.

But remember…pray for them.

That’s the best things.

P.S. read 3 times Surah Ikhlaas for all the Marhumeen or 3 times Durood…


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