Youth Appreciation Series (update)

Assalaamu alaykum WRWB.

Just a reminder, if you havem’t subscribed yet to the series email me now! Or comment below. Time is running out…

Briefly, the series is a weekly series done via email using PDFs. I email you weekly three PDFs each one consisting of different things.
One: Advice – different topics weekly.
Two: Random Islamic Motivation? – (I really don’t know what to call it) I add short Qur’aan Translation, Ahaadith, Sunnats, Mas’aail of Salaah, Tajweed and much more.
Third: A timetable for you to use.

This series is completely FREE!

Sign up now by sending a blank email to or comment below, or tweet me @Missmuslimah9 .

Share this if you want others to benefit too!

JazaakAllahu Khair to all those who have assisted in this.

From Miss Muslimah…


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