Youth Appreciation Series

Bi IsmiHi Ta’ala.

So I’ve decided to start this series In Sha Allah called ‘Youth Appreciation Series’.

FOR AGES: 12 till 19

GENDER: Boys and girls…!

HOW DOES IT WORK: I don’t know as yet. Details to follow soon In Sha Allah. (Sorry about that)

REQUIREMENTS: Please send me a blank email. I will then email you the details which includes just basic info regarding yourself. (Email to or comment below) .
This series is completely FREE of charge. No fee involved whatsoever.
P.S: None of your information will be shared anywhere without your permission.

WHEN WILL IT BEGIN: The series will In Sha Allah begin when we have a approximately 15 (least amount) of particapants.
This will also be finalised ASAP In Sha Allah.
Also, you will be notified.

WHAT DOES IT ENTAIL? Basically, this series aims to slowly but surely bring changes into our lives.
We will In Sha Allah learn how to instill good habits into our lives, how to appreciate our youth as it ought to be appreciated, how to become a better Muslim and Muslimah, how to avoid sin…how to bring lifestyle changes not only in our Deen (religion) but in our Dunya (worldly life)…
Please bear with me as the details will follow soon In Sha Allah!

DOES IT MATTER IF I’M ELDER THAN 19 OR YOUNGER THAN 12? No, although this series is aimed for this age category mainly..

DO I HAVE TO BE SOUTH AFRICAN? No. You can be from Finland and it’ll be fine!

If you have any questions, please comment below or email me ( and please let all your friends, cousins, siblings and whoever else about this… Much appreciated!!!

Send your blank emails to me now!!! Don’t waste time!!! Hehe.

JazaakAllahu Khair!


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