Assalaamu alaykum w r w b .

I hope everyone is doing well Alhamdulillah.

I know I haven’t posted on here for ages..

But here goes…


Our souls crave the presence of this blessed month!

We await this gift with a lot of yearning.

Yes, it is the blessed month of Ramadhaan, the month in which many shayaateen are chained, the doors of hell are locked…the month which Allah sets free many souls from Jahannam.
The month in which the first ten days, Allah’s Rahmah (mercy) descends in abumdance, the middle ten – Allah’s Maghfirah (forgiveness) descends in abundance and the last ten – Allah saves many slaves from the fire of Jahannam.

But beautiful things don’t come easy, now do they?

Nope. Not at all. If we want palaces in this World, we have to work and earn a great amount of money.

But Jannah and the World are absolutely different. They do not equal each other in anything. The last Jannati to enter Jannah will have a Jannah which wherever his eyes will fall, that will be his Jannah.

So similarly, if you want to gain Allah’s Rahmah, Maghfirah and emancipation from Jahannam, then we definitely have to work for it.

Strive for it in other words.

Strive for the Jannah we desire and want. If you want a big Jannah, your efforts will be great. You’ll work for it with much effort.

So in order to gain maximum benefit from this month, I implore you to do the following: (In sha Allah, Allah gives me the ability first then the rest of the readers)

1. Salaah. First to questioned for on the day of Qiyaamah.
Say with me: I will try my best to read each and every Salaah on it’s fixed hour or time. (Women) immediately when the time of Salaah draws, I will perform my Salaah. (Men) I will perform each and every Salaah with Jama’at. Insha Allah!!!

If you in the habit of performing your Salaah with concentration etc. Then you can increase with Nafl etc.

Tahajjud Salaah – The most virtuous Salaah after the Fardh Salaah is Tahajjud Salaah (Hadith) .
Try to read Tahajjud with Witr since we all are awake at Suhoor. No harm in getting up earlier! Insha Allah! Besides, it’s Sunnah!!!

Keep in contact with a spiritual mentor. In this way, your Islaah (self-reformation) will be made. With a Sheikh, you focus on your Islaah which is so important. Different Shuyookh prescribe different Adhkaar and Wazaaif.
Try to read Astaghfaar, Tahleel, Durood and Tasbeeh etc in abundance.

Minimize time on devices…

Tough one I know. 15 minutes max a day.

No social networks! Allah make it easy. Let’s try to make some effort…

Bring sunnats in your life.
Sunnats bring barakah.
There are many kitaabs which contain Sunnats of our Nabi (salAllahu alayhi wa salam).

Ta’leem INSHA ALLAH!! Nightly for even 5 minutes.

Du’aa whenever you can. Iftaar and suhoor time are mubaarak times.

Allah give me first the taufeea to practice all of the above then the rest of you!

For more about Ramadhaan- refer to this previous post –
Ramadhaan is coming… – http://wp.me/p48XlB-3q

Du’aas for me and my family as well as the rest of the Ummah!
Make me maaf for any shortcomings.




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