My dear

My dear . Let my tell you something . Something you need to remember forever .

Nothing is forever my dear . Everything is going to perish . Families will break , relationships will end , marriages will be destroyed , children will be hurt , lovers will be heartbroken and that my dear has to occur .

Life isn’t full of happiness . Nothing is full of happiness . There will always be sadness . It will never be joy all the time . So in happiness don’t get too happy , and in sadness don’t get too sad coz both of them are going to end .

People will always say something . People always have to put their comments everywhere . You can never please people . People will never be happy . There will always be a fault . So try not to please people . People are devils . They mean . Haha , there’s always an exception . I’m just saying okay!

You need to be alone sometimes . Just to think and ponder . Just to stare into nothingness . Being alone in meditation …  pondering about so many things .. to sort out your life maybe? Yeah .

Anger is strong . Hate is stronger . My dear , sometimes we irrational . We don’t see things properly . We look at it from the wrong angle . No , my dear . The anger is gonna build up inside of you . We need to tone it down a bit . Be rational . Normal . Don’t hold too many grudges . Sometimes or well most of the time , you have to leave things the way they are . Coz they will never change . So breathe in . Accept it . And don’t hate on others . Hate is too strong . Its fierce . Don’t act like the devil when you not in hell .

Stop treating people the way they treat you . Coz you know what you gonna get nothing from that . Treat everyone nicely and according to their status . Don’t be mean nor too kind that people trample over you . Neat .

Coz things were meant to be this way! They were . Yes , they really were . Nothing is gonna change it . Leave it . And accept it . Ofcourse its not gonna be the case always but right now accept it .
Appreciate the little things ..
Bad days are imperative . Laugh I know . But everyone has bad days . And on those days nothing but the negative stuff in your life appear . You push positivity away . And you don’t wanna be positive at all . But let me tell you something – cry it out . Helps . Really .

Yeah well …

Okay , alright?


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