In the darkness of the night she lay there , tears rolling down her cheeks .

She didn’t understand herself .

She couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

She didn’t understand why she even felt like this .

The tears rolled down her cheeks as her mind drifted to countless incidents that shattered her heart .

Her heart was broken . Shattered .

Her tears soaked her pillow .

She sat up and decided to speak to someone . Anyone .

Her friends , maybe?

But she realised that nobody is gonna be there forever .

Everyone is occupied with other important things .

I don’t want to be annoying . She thought .

So she lifted her hands and she just cried to her Lord .

The feelings were all in her heart but she knew , she knew very well that her Lord knew her best .

She cried and cried .

She wept in the silence of that dark night .

And when she was done , she felt like a new person .

My Lord is with me …

Now .


And Forever .

And she knew that from that night , she will try to make her Lord her best friend .

Her Lover .

Her Allah .

Coz He understood her better than anyone .

Coz He can only mend broken hearts .

He is Allah …


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