In the cover of a dark and silent night….

In the cover of a dark and silent night ,
I awake from my sleep to put things right .

I comtemplate over my evil past ,
As I think this moment could be my last .

My heart softens with regret and sorrow ,
With fear at what awaits tomorrow .

Raising my hands , I ask Him to forgive ,
Who knows how long I have to live .

As the flow of tears rush down my cheeks ,
I feel myself to be so weak .

The silence is now of helpless cries ,
As now there’s time for no more lies .

My life I know I’ve truly wasted ,
The punishment for which I’ll surely be tasted .

But I know the Mercy of my Lord is great ,
So I say to myself its never too late .

The time I have left I’ll make sure I use ,
To the call of Shaytaan I’ll surely refuse .

By living my life the way the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم  showed  ,
Thereby securing a peaceful abode .

Allah we beg You forgive us now ,
Keep us forever with Imaan now

Grant us shade on the day we rise
Grant us entry to Paradise .

Author: Unknown


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