My appeal

You have a pritt in your pencil case .

There’s a crisp/chocolate wrapper with you – it has tiger brands on it or any eyes for that matter .

You sitting in a Hadith /Qur’aan Dars (lesson) and there’s eyes open (‘moorat’)


The angels do not enter an area /place where pictures of animate objects are present .

How can you sit in a Hadith Dars with pictures of animate objects open?!!

I don’t think many realise this .

Even before you sleep – check that there are no eyes open .

Even money (in South Africa) – the notes have Mandela’s face and one of the big 5 animals .

Even coins ..

Hand lotions may have the ‘tiger brands’ image on it . Its a tiger icon . It has eyes!! Put it in a cupboard or something!

Many a times – there might be a lecture (bayaan) by a respected Moulana / Apa … mother’s will bring crisp / chocolates or biscuits for their lil kids . There are eyes on the packaging .

Deodrants , lotions , Mr Pritt , various stationery etc. have eyes on them .

I don’t know if you’ve realised this ..

Please try to keep pictures of animate objects hidden away .

That’s my appeal to you …


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