أتدري – Do you know

Do you know by Munshid Meshary Al-Arada

Do you know who makes the sadness go away when life turns its back on you?

And who takes care of you , (and) never forgets you however you live …

So glory be to Allah who guides and heals one’s confusion

And He gives without limits in this life .

Do you know who answers man if he makes a mistake in public or or hides it?

And who gives Paradise and rivers as a reward for charity .

So say ‘O Allah , let me reach the Home of Eternity and safety .’

And to solve my problems and let not anyone harm me .

Do you know who guided man and encouraged him to give in charity?

And He doesn’t accept you to disobey Him , so look how do you keep disobeying Him?

So Who do you show the complaints to and beg for the things you desire?

And where can you find any relief and peace if you not under His Forgiveness?

…in this World?


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