The World of Injustice

We living in the 21st Century .

A time when injustice is the priority amongst almost every government , country and state .

Justice . Oh what is that? No such word in their vocabulary .

The World is filled with injustice .

And lies .

Everyone lies .

To speak the truth is a rare trait in anyone . If you truthful , may Allah increase you in that and keep you steadfast .

And there’s deception beneath every person’s tongue .

So as I was saying regarding injustice .

Palestine .

Children as young as (I don’t even know) see such dour acts infront of their eyes . Their parents are killed , siblings , aunts , uncles and let me be serious here – I haven’t experienced it so I wouldn’t actually know .

The conditions are probably worse than what I imagine and point out .

How long is this going to carry and DRAG on for? When will it stop?

Its unjust .

True that


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