And the ironic thing of it all is that we like pain .

The pain hurts but its what keeps us going .

Its what makes us feel alive .

Pain is something that hurts and breaks … yet we get attracted to it .

When someone hurts us , we dwell on it . We stay close to it .

Coz we want to have some connection to it .

We don’t want to forget about it even though it broke us into a million pieces .

We like pain .

Our souls are dark and cold , pain did that .

But we dwell on pain .

We make it dictate our lives .

Just coz we attracted to the pain .

Just coz pain makes us feel alive .

We sensitive humans .

But pain destroyed us .

And what destroys us makes us feel alive .

Allah cure all our inner and outer wounds ..


2 thoughts on “Pain

  1. ألسلام عليكم ورحمةالله و بركاته
    Nice blog. Just got a chance to read all 7 pages. Keep on writing. Whether its fictional or partly non-fictional, it helps to write it out. Hope Nabeel gets out of his addiction completely & he turns his life around. Hopefully the things he did doesn’t affect his future or the future of his siblings.

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