The reality ..

It happened too fast .

Way too fast .

No one was even ready for your death .

We were shocked .

You left this world too fast …

Way too fast .

Everyone sobbed and sobbed .

The tears ran dry .

Bins were filled with tissues .

Tissues were actually getting scarce .

But you left way too fast .

Death …

An unspoken reality .

We couldn’t mourn forever .

Life had to carry on .

Everything had to return to routine .

But it couldn’t .

No one could get over the fact that you gone .

That you’ll never come back …

That we will never greet you again .

That we’ll never see your smile again .

Memories invade our minds .. tears flow .

Coz you gone .

And although months have passed …

The reality of it all hasn’t fully came into our lives .

We’ve understood and accepted , but  at the same time we haven’t .

Coz you never gonna return .

Coz we’ll never hear your voice .

Coz you gone to Allah …

Coz Allah knows best always ..

And the best we can do for you is to send Isaal – e – Thawaab on you …

To recite Surah Ikhlaas upon you and all the other Muslims , dead and alive .

Coz when we go , then Allah will appoint someone to read for us .

We hope to meet you in Jannah!!

Recite 3 x Surah Ikhlaas or 3 x Durood on the Muslims , those dead and alive . For me too!

Death .

Oh Allah . We ask You for Death in a way that is Most Pleasing to You!


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