Children .

Children are a gift from Allah .

If you have to take a moment and sit with them , you will realise how intelligent and amazing they are .

Children are children . And inevitably children are going to be a little rough and naughty . They children , how?

Children can’t come into this World as Angels .

They can’t be good from Day one .

No , my dear . Things don’t work like that .

They will go through stages . Sometimes , they very disruptive . Other times , they very decent .

Sometimes , you can’t understand where you got them from , coz they so naughty!!

But at the end of the day they are children .

Sometimes , children over do it . They just make so much ‘misti’ (gujraati term) .

Why is it so?

Everyone says your kid is naughty . But why? Am I at fault? Why? Look at everyones children , they so good . Only mines . Why?!

Stop questioning .

1.   Communicate with your child .
I have noticed that many parents scold their children so much so that I freak out . They scream and shout at them .
No . They become more rebellious and naughty . Talk to them nicely . Hold back your anger . Swallow it . Calm down . ”
Look at what you’ve done . I’m sick and tired of you . You cause so much trouble . Get out of here . You just making me more angry . Your father is going to give you a good hiding ……… ” and the list goes on .
No . I don’t think that’s the way . In Islam , we are taught good character . We have to be kind and merciful to others . As the saying goes :من لم يرحم ، لا يرحم
He who does not show mercy  will not be shown mercy .
Speak nicely to the child . Kindly explain to them not to do that again as well as the reason why .
2. Its too late to blame it on yourself .
So do something about it!!!
Many Ulama mention that beginning with even 5 minutes of Taalim in the house brings about so much change . Everyones hearts soften . So try this for even a week . Insha Allah , it’ll help .

3. Bring Deen into the household .
Whether you encourage them to read Masnoon Du’aas , Salaah or follow the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ in eating , drinking , sleeping etc .
Our solution for every problem is in …. where?
DEEN .. Islam!!

4. But they don’t listen!
Why don’t they? They tired of listening . You need to use a new approach . Don’t spoil yojr children!!
Have you ever read a story about the children in the time of the Sahaaba? Do your children emulate the Sahaaba or who? Do your children want to do good?
“Lets all go to Jannah together!” Encourage them . They don’t know what’s in Jannah? Tell them . Speak to them about these things .

5. Children are an Amaanat from Allah . Nabi ﷺ says in a Hadith :
كلكم راع و كلكم مسئول عن رعيته
All of you are shepards and all of you will be questioned regarding his flock .
Do you think that you are training your children well? Spend time with them . Children look for attention . They want you to sit with them and talk! Many parents are too immersed in their work to worry about their children . This shouldn’t be the case .

Please don’t spoil your kids . If they don’t like veggies , make them eat it , otherwise they get really spoilt with junk .

Keep technology away from kids . The world is a bad place . Keep it away from them .

Know your child ! Love your child … and be kind to them . You weren’t an Angel , were you?


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