He was the greatest human to tread the surface of the Earth .

He respected and honoured everyone .

He was a human just like you and I .

Not just a ‘human’ but an amazing human .

He went to preach Islam in Taif .

He was pelted … and pelted .

He bled … and bled .

But did he curse his attackers?

No .

He prayed for them .

He brought light into this World .

He was the Seal of all Prophets .

He ran a race with his beloved wife Aaisha (radhiyAllahu anha) .

She won him first time .

At another instance , they raced again .

But this time he won!

He told her ‘tit for tat’ .

Which president , minister , prime minister , or any high qualified person does such cute and romantic things?

He cried for his followers for nights on end .

Praying for us … crying for us …

Praying that we don’t go to hell fire .

So much he cried for us .

His blessed feet would become swollen .

His nights were spent crying for us ..

He was not even attached to us by family relation or any special bond .

Which father or mother or even a friend cries and prays for us to such an extent that they do not have a peaceful sleep?

But we have an amazing bond with Muhammed ﷺ .

He is our leader . We are his followers .

Not only that , but he is the final Prophet and we are the final nation to come before the end of time .

The World was created for this blessed soul .

For Muhammed bin Abdillah ﷺ .

With Abu Bakr (radhiyAllahu anhu) he travelled to Madinah .

The beautiful city which is honoured and blessed to have him as their honour!

Umar (radhiyAllahu anhu) was firm . How a youth came who sinned and sinned and Umar told him that there’s no hope for you young lad .

But this Prophet consoled the young lad and said that no , your Lord is Most – Merciful , Most – Forgiving and he forgives everything .

Another young lad named Tha’laba (radhiyAllahu Anhu) made a mistake

He became saddened and depressed . How could I?!

Allah will inform Muhammed ﷺ  of my wrong . Oh no . Muhammed ﷺ  will hate me …..

So he ran away …

No one knew of his whereabouts .

As the story carries on , in his final moments , he lay in the Prophets lap ..

And he breathed his last .

And he was granted forgiveness …

Let me tell you about a very fine young lad .

Not even 15 years old!

He had a bird named Umair .
Oh what an incident!

The bird passed on .

Muhammed ﷺ questioned this young lad saying : O father of Umair . What happened to Nughair (the bird)

In a joking manner!

Now can there be any man from the beginning of time till the end of time who will be better than this man?

Well , that cannot be answered .

‘Coz no one can be better than him from the human creed!


Imagine the Creator of Muhammed ﷺ – Allah Ta’ala .

How much more Merciful must He be?

Subhan Allah!

Glory be to Allah!


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