We all lost .

Lost in this delusional Dunya ,

In this temporary World ,

In this World full of lies ,

Full of deception . 

The Dunya is a lie ,

Beautified and adorned with desires .

We all lost .

Searchin’ for that inner peace ,

That inner contentment ,

That inner happiness .

On the outside , we beautifed with adornments .

But our hearts and souls are lost .

We all lost .

We sit and ponder ,

And ponder ,

And ponder about ourselves ,

And we realise how lonely we are .

No one understands us really ,

Coz we so lost .

We don’t know where we goin’ ,

What we want ,

We just so lost

In this Dunya .

This Dunya which is filled with lies and clothed with deception .

The Dunya is a lie . Its gonna end .

We might get that little comfort but our hearts are never fully at ease .

‘Coz we all lost …

Seacrhin’ for a direction , for somethin’ .

Anythin’ that’ll direct us to peace .

That peace our hearts crave .

That peace our souls lack .

We searchin’ everywhere , everywhere besides One very important place .

How can we ever earn peace if we make the Creator of Peace unhappy?

Our actions have no sincerity .

We live everyday literally , but our hearts are dead .

There’s no life in our hearts .

Its dead .

‘Coz we lost .

We haven’t found Al-Haadi , the One who Guides .

We still lyin’ deep in the Dunya .

Deep in deception and sin .

We clothed with sin and vice  .

Goin’ in the direction of everythin’ that looks nice .

Looks are decievin’ , dear .

The Dunya is full of deception .

We have to bring Al-Haadi in our lives .

We have a life void of the rememberance of Al-Haadi .

How can we ever , as in EVER gain peace , serenity , contentment if we don’t have Allah in our lives?

‘Coz only with the rememberance of Allah do hearts find rest .


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