O Sinful Soul…

O sinful soul, how long are you going to stay in this state of neglect?

O sin

ful soul, how long are you going to disobey the commands of Allah at your discretion?

O sinful soul, how long are you going to stay in this filthy place of sins?

O sinful soul, how long? How long are you going to disobey Allah so freely?

O sinful soul, do you think that there is no outcome for your actions?

O woe to you, O sinful soul…you are indeed mistaken. Every action has a reaction.

O sinful soul, no sin or deed isn’t seen by the All-Seeing. He see’s everything.

O sinful soul, life isn’t sin. Sin can’t be life either.

O sinful soul! Do you have gurantee that you shall repent on your death-bed?

O sinful soul, do you think that in that state of loss and confusion, you will be able to lift your hands and pray for your forgiveness?

O sinful soul, what if that isn’t the case? What if you have no death-bed? What if you die in a car accident or just a sudden death? Will you be prepared?

O sinful soul, why…o why do you continue to sin?

O sinful soul, Allah is there….the Almighty Allah is there…waiting for you to repent.

O sinful soul, even if your sins have to fill the space between the heavens and the skies, the Almighty Relenter Allah Ta’ala is there waiting…just to forgive you…

Just to say, ‘Go My Servant…I forgive you’…

To forgive you…

No matter how many sins you have…He shall forgive you.

O sinful soul, will you contine to sin in the hope of forgiving?? Then woe to you. You are sinning to be forgiven?

O sinful soul…continue with your life of sin…and then one day, the day of regrets…you shall drown in perspiration…o woe to me, why didn’t I repent and ask for forgiveness from my Almighty Merciful All-Forgiving Allah?

Fear and Hope…in moderation.

Do not fear Allah so much that you have lost hope in Allah..neither have so much hope in Allah that you have no fear for Him…

Remember O sinful soul, the best of sinners are those who repent.

O sinful soul…your tears for forgiveness cannot be written by the Angels…it has to be weighed on the scales. It is too weighty to be written…and that is the reason, O sinful soul why your tears have to be weighed on the day of Justice.

O sinful soul….

Repent…for surely, life is short…

And Jannah is everlasting…

O sinful soul, Jahannam is everlasting too…you get punished forever… 

Or you get rewarded forever!!

Insha Allah, we shall all go to Jannah, one day!


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