My road to Allah this Ramadhaan

Assalaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu..

I hope everyone had a blessed Ramadhaan and a great Eid!

Okay…so I’m not going to begin posting yet. So I want you to email me your Ramadhaan story: How this Ramadhaan had an impact in your life, how you brought changes into your life, what was the best feeling in Ramadhaan for you etc etc…

Here’s the rules:
1. Do it for the pleasure of Allah, correct your intention.
2. Write, write and write! Not a big bayaan! How ever much you think is enough, 1 page or more? 1/2 page?
3. Its fine if you don’t use your name!
4. ALL the stories will be posted up on DnC inshaAllah.
5. No winner! We will recieve our reward for our actions in Jannah InshaAllah.
6. Date that I would like all stories to be in is by the 6th August InshaAllah, that is one week from now.

Title: My road to Allah this Ramadhaan!

Is there any other questions?
Email them to me:
JazaakAllahu Khair Request for Du’aas for me and the ummah!



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