My heart yearns

My heart yearns to be in Madinah…

Just Madinah.

Ya Allah. I want to see that Green Dome,
Underneath it lies the Greatest soul to walk on the surface of this Earth.

Just to be in Madinah.

Just to hear the Adhaan of Madinah is what I want.

My desire is to be in Madinah Ya Allah.

Madinah Munawwarah.

That calmness and serenity in the Haram of Madinah…
Just to be in Madinah is my desire.

There are some people who reside in Madinah and there are others in whom Madinah reside.

Oh Allah. Take me to Madinah.

This longing…this ardent desire of mines just to be in the Holy Land of Madinah..


3 thoughts on “My heart yearns

  1. Beautiful indeed!!! O Madinah Tayyibah!! May Allah bless us with Ziyaarat to that pure and beautiful place!
    How I wish Madina Sharief was my place of residence,
    that I live there, die there; my kafan and burial take place there.

  2. Oh how I wish I could live there or just be there.
    I would truly love to be able to experience ramadhaan in the blessed lands. One day, inshaAllah.

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