O My Beloved

You have given me everything,
Yet I am ungrateful to You.

O My beloved. You have bestowed upon me blessings,
Yet I am so ungrateful to You.

I continue to sin day and night,
But O My Beloved, You are always ready to accept my repentance.

I continue to disobey you,
But yet O My Beloved You are there to forgive me.

I involve myself in futile activities,
I forget about You and only remember You in timea of need,
But Oh My Beloved, You are there for me. You forgive me.

I turn my back against You,
But You O My Beloved is still there for me.

You give and forgive,
But we get and forget.

We forget to thank You for all you have bestowed upon us.
We forget.

We forget You…

We think of creation,
But forget of You, the Creator.

O My Beloved. Make me Yours and You become mines.

O My Beloved forgive me for all those many times that I turned my back against You and Your commands.

O My Beloved, take our souls away when You are pleased with us.

O My Allah. How many times have I left Your commands..how many times have I did wrong..
So many times!

But You love when Your servant turns to You,
So forgive us.

People can leave us,
But You will never. Ever.

Cause You are a Lord ready to forgive if we ask for forgiveness.
Cause You a Lord that we can turn to whenever.
Cause You ready to listen to us. Always.

O My Beloved. Make our best friend You. Make You our best friend.

O Allah. Grant us Your pure love before you grant us love of anybody else.

O My Beloved. You know our desires. Only You. So fulfill our desires if they are good for us…

O My Beloved. Do not turn us away. O My Beloved. Make You our true Beloved.


You can add more duaas if you want!

Allah accept. Aameen.


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