Problems 2

How did all of this happen?

I mean yesterday, my life was going awesome..and then today? What on earth happened?

Everything just went so bad. So ugly.

Why? Why this? Why that? Why??


Oh. Just hold on. Will you?

Everything is going according to a plan! A plan! Okay? Planned by Allah!

Allah is the best of planners!

Allah loves those who He tests!

There’s a reason for every single thing.
Every cry. Every tear. Every fear. Every feeling. Everything..Allah knew it. Allah knows it and will know it always.

Allah know that you feeling depressed and sad…but Allah knows better!

Allah knows why He puts us in certain situations.

Allah knows…He knows.

Sit down…and cry to Allah. Even words won’t describe whats in your heart…so you’ll just cry..with all what you feeling in your heart…and Allah knows what you feeling. He can hear your cries. He can. He knows.

Music. Drugs. We live in a society where people turn to those things when we need to let go from our problems..”We needa forget about our problems for a while.”

Allah doesn’t want you to turn to music and drugs..but He wants you to turn to Him.

Only Allah.

I mean don’t you fear Allah? Okay..not you but me firstly..
That Allah who gave you so much..and now to go against His commands?

We. All. Know. Our. Faults…

Allah knows!

Everything is going to allright!

Its not going to be forever.

Everything in this world is temporary!

Problems are part of life.

Allah will be there for you. Now. Forever. Always.






Oh..well the Ambiyaa had more problems than us…

Be happy! 🙂  Appreciate everything.

Alhamdulillah! You can read this!


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