Are You Ready to Become #Sinless

Youth Club Blog


The word echoes around inside your head.

You’re a failure. You’ve fallen back into sin…

You gave into temptation.

How will you face Allah now?

Might as well just give everything else up too, starting with your beard (or your hijab). No point looking like a Muslim and deceiving people into thinking that you’re better than you actually are.

And then your prayers. They go next. ‘Cause of course, your heart can’t have truly been in the right place if those five prayers didn’t stop you from committing sin.

And so on.

 An entire chain of events unfolds from a single act of sin.

Is self-pity really the right way to handle sin? Does committing sin make you a sinner- or should it motivate you to do better the next time you face temptation to break Allah’s laws?

Allah lays out the solution in the Quran:

“… except for those…

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