Idrees عليه السلام

Idrees عليه السلام was born in Babylon (Iraq). Idrees عليه السلام was the Prophet who founded sewing and the pen. Idrees عليه السلام was a very knowledgeable Prophet. Idrees عليه السلام followed Adam عليه السلام’s teachings just like how we follow Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم ‘s teachings.

Idrees عليه السلام has said:

‘None can show better gratitude for Allah’s favours than to share it with others.”

Allah Ta’ala has said in the Quraan:

“Mention Idrees in the Book, He was a truthful Prophet. We raised Him to a high rank. [Surah Maryam]

*Short post, I know!


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