The Final Hour of our Greatest Need


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A small reminder I’ve adapted from my Ustaadh’s notes, whilst contemplating the continuing of Journeying.


Israfeel (AS) has already placed his lips upon the trumpet. He is afraid to blink, due to fear of missing the command of Allah. He is ready and waiting for Qiyaamat.

That hour of our greatest need, of our ultimate yearning, we have no idea. The second blowing of the trumpet will be a phenomenon that will literally cause our souls to be unveiled, where our spiritual state and inner self will be completely exposed to all. There will be no withholding from a single soul.

And when we are resurructed and all the veils will be removed for us, the believers will find themselves rushing toward Haudh-al-Kauthar, the fount of abundance, possessing a taste sweeter than honey and a scent better than musk. For those fortunate ones who are allowed…

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