Story from the lives of the pious

Hadhrat Abu Bakr Dhareer رحمة الله عليه relates, “There lived a young slave boy who fasted all day and stood in Tahajjud all night. One day, He came to me and said, “When i happened to fall asleep last night i saw in my dream a crack on the wall of the mihraab. When a few lovely damsels emerged from the crack, i noticed that one of them was very ugly. I asked on of the pretty damsels who they were and she replied that while they were all my previous nights (of worship), the ugly one was this night (during which i fell asleep without worshipping Allah Ta’ala).”

(Fadhail-e-A’maal-Virtues of salaah-Chapter two- Stories from the lives of the pious-Story 3)


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