Ameera: Hi guys!!

Zuhaira: Hey Ameera! OMG!! Ameera, you just won’t believe what happened!!

Ameera: What?! Did Uzair just make his appearance??

Sameera: No mahn silly

Ameera: Then WHAT?

Zuhaira: chill

Ameera: How am i supposed to chill if you guys are taking ages to lemme know what just happened

Sameera: Someones in a hellava good mood hey?

Zuhaira: So, Safiyya was here like few minutes ago…

Ameera: you telling me about that chick? Eww

Sameera: Yeah but just listen mahn

Ameera: so then?

Zuhaira: And she greeted

Ameera: duh

Zuhaira: and she was like how you Zuhaira and Sameera?

Ameera: ya?

Zuhaira: so then she started telling us that shes really sorry and we should make her maaf

Ameera: she has the nerve to ask “us” for forgiveness, she should go to hell rather

Sameera: You are so right!

Ameera: I heard hell needs more people to occupy it

Zuhaira: you guys, thats mean

Ameera: Zuhaira? Whats up with you now? Becoming an apa now?

Sameera: Apa Zuhaira hey there

Ameera: okay, so then what happened to that brat?

Zuhaira: and then she was like you guys should join our group sometime for break

Ameera: that nut case

Sameera: she wanna be like us

Ameera: fine!! You have to be cruel to be kind remember?

Sameera: Hahah

Zuhaira: but you guys

Sameera: Then she said that we should cover our hair ‘coz its our ‘satr’ (mocking tone)

Zuhaira: She also said that she is really worried about what will happen to us ‘coz we shouldn’t be hanging out with boys and all that crap

Ameera: Hmm

Sameera: She also said something about death

Zuhaira: if it comes to us now

Ameera: yeah? Then?

Sameera: Then she asked us if we remember her past

Ameera: Yeah, that chick dated the whole world, besides my Uzair

Sameera: Then she said that deen isn’t boring

Ameera: So why does she have to tell us all of this? Her point?

Sameera: i don’t know

Zuhaira: slow mouses, check who’s here

Safiyya: Assalamu ‘alaykum.

Ameera: Hiiiiiii safs

Safiyya: Ameera, i am really sorry for yesterday and for getting you into trouble. Please make me maaf.

Ameera: girl, i don’t accept all of your dumb apologies, you always wanted to be part of our group but since you not, chuck from here.

Safiyya: You know how handsome-

Ameera: My Uzair is

Safiyya: I was talking about Yusuf (alayhis salaam)

Ameera: Apa Safiyya

Safiyya: you know you guys should come sit with us break time

Zuhaira: repitition

Ameera: we on our way


I was bored. So i posted the above.

This shouldn’t be the way we address each other and talk to each other..

Remember that Gheebah (backbiting) is worse than adultery.

Also, Islaam wasn’t spread by the sword but by good character.

So yeah?

Remember the Ummah in your pious duaas.

By the way the above is just fictional…

Assalamu ‘alaykum


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