Theres something called ‘assuming’.

Problem is today we are judged too quickly.

People will look at your profile picture. Then, they’ll start blabbering about you. That you like this and blah blah.

Then they’ll look at the clothes you wear and just because you wear a certain type you fall under the ‘fashionable’ people.

Just because you sin differently to are judged.

You are judged by your colour.

By your race.

By your house.

By your money.

By your clothing.

By what you have. By what you don’t have.

By how you do something.

By everything. Practically.

You just get judged.

The big problem is hatred and jealousy.

And a bigger problem is when people mock you according to your status and all that stuff.

You shouldn’t care  if people judge you.

Allah only knows. Allah is the judge.

Who are we to judge? Huh?

Allah forgive us all. We all know our faults.


Now back to the topic..

Well… why don’t you let me know of what you think.

Anyways … i hate it when you have to choose between secular and Islamic knowledge.

And you choose Islamic over secular.

And then … the whole dunya goes all ‘bye-bye’ and they like unappreciate your existence. And they like don’t say anything to you.

And you not alive. Its like that …

But no.

Why? Why?

People these days choose Secular over Islamic.

I don’t mean that you should not become a doctor and all that.

I’m saying that why do people degrade Islamic knowledge.

Don’t say anything k?

Don’t say bad stuff about Islamic Knowledge.

Now, you do 13 years of school (pre-school – grade 12).. right?

Then you do like 7 years of medicine.

Then after that … what happens to your deen?

Gets pushed in the back pocket?

Then you live your life … and your deen? Not even 1 year..? Let alone a month ? Not even a week?


You decide – fair enough?

Totally fair right? I kid you …

So anyways …

Maaf for taking such a long break …

Or was it even long.

And hey make duaa for me and well the entire ummah.

Allah create peace and harmony between the Muslim Ummah …



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