I seem

Zainab, Maleeha, Raeesah and Maryam all think that I’m ultra-pious.

I know it.

When i walk in the room, they all keep their mouths shut.

Why is it so unfair?

They talk about movies, fashion, boys, gossip and all of the latest stuff that just went viral on the internet.

And the moment i walk in … everyone is quiet.

Then they call me Apa.

I hate it.

Its so unfair. Just because my family are good and are against all bad stuff they act like that to me.

The moment i have to say that you guys shouldn’t talk about movies …

Then they say blah blah or they feel hurt.

Its a pain.

I want to tell them that Allah is watching you not me … so it doesn’t mean that when I’m here you guys have to keep quiet…

I want to.

But I’m gutless

I have to stand up for my rights.

They also Muslim.

Allah help me …


These kind articles are just fictional.. these kind of stuff occur in todays time.

Miss Muslimah


One thought on “I seem

  1. omaa….totally rel8table….we all are weak in our way.me 2 h8 it wen ppl fear to spk before insaan forgettin theres Allah the gr8test hearin them above even if u think it in ur mind

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