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You know what I’m lazy to post. Also i don’t have topics to post about … so you can say I’m bored…well not really bored…. but well … nevermind…

Duaa… what is duaa?

Where you lift your hands and with sincerity you make duaa/supplication.

Anyways we all know that.

So, its holidays! To the readers from out of S.A. its our vacation !

I should not be laughing.

Do you know what is happening in Syria? Do you?

We all waste time! All of us. Even me. “Time ia precious, waste it wisely.”

So you can sit 24/7 on the net …

I tell you if you have to read of whats going on in Syria… i don’t know what you’ll do..

It is bad.

The oppressors.. they cannot be called a human being. Let me tell you why. A human being has feelings. These people have no right to be called a human being.

Go google shrapnel. Just go and google it.

I’ve read of a 7 year old boy who was shot … and shrapnel was used …

I mean seriously. Allah help them.

Don’t they (oppressors) have any feeling? Don’t they? Do they even have hearts? Do they?

You do know i am fond of children with disabilities. They (oppressors) mock them. I remember seeing one of a mental person. The person was Muslim. And these oppressors were whipping him with a whip.

Cry. Cry. You cry over the death of some man. Some Paul man. I heard about this name … and when your muslims suffer in Syria … nothing happens.

Make duaa …

22 December 2013- Syrian government helicopters have bombed a district of Aleppo, killing at least 25 people, as fighting for the country’s second city rages.
Barrels packed with TNT were dropped on the Hanano district, killing six children
and 19 adults and injuring 17 people, opposition activists said. (Reference BBC News )

Ok. You read it? Do you know what TNT is? Well, i will tell you.
trinitrotoluene (TNT), a pale yellow, solid organic nitrogen compound used chiefly
as an explosive , prepared by stepwise nitration of toluene. Because TNT melts at
82° C (178° F) and does not explode below 240° C (464° F), it can be melted in
steam-heated vessels and poured into casings. It is relatively insensitive to shock
and cannot be exploded without a detonator. For these reasons it is the most
favoured chemical explosive, extensively used in munitions and for demolitions.

TNT is poisonous, and skin contact can cause skin irritation, causing the skin to
turn a bright yellow-orange color. This
yellow-colored solid is sometimes used as a reagent in chemical synthesis, but it
is best known as a useful explosive material with convenient handling properties.

I researched and gave you what i found.

Now, you tell me if these people can be called humans?

Please make duaa for Syria. Please do.


You can add more duaas to the above …

Miss Muslimah


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