Rasulullah صلي الله عليه و سلم took an oath and narrated this Hadith from Jibraeel عليه السلام. The latter took an oath and narrated it from Mikaaeel عليه السلام who in turn narrated it from
Israfeel عليه السلام that Allah said:
O Israfeel, by My honour, grandeur and existence, whoever reads Bismillah together with Surah Fatihah, you be a witness that I will forgive his sins, accept his good deeds, overlook his faults, not burn his tongue, save him from the punishment of the grave and grant him sanctuaty from the punishment of Qiyaamah! [The virtues of Bismillah-page two]

SubhanAllah…lets all take out two minutes and recite Bismillah along with Surah Fatihah …

Surah Fatihah

Did you read it? Don’t lie. Be honest. Read it again if you didn’t.
And well, if you want more thawaab (reward), read it again…

Ok, so well Surah Fatihah is a beautiful Surah!

Now lets count how many times we read Surah Fatihah…

Fajr- 2,2- 4 times

Dhuhr- 4, 4, 2, 2(nafl)- so 10.. +2 for nafl

Asr- 4, (4 sunnah)- 4 …+4 for sunnah

Maghrib- 3, 2, 2(nafl)- 5…+ 2 for nafl

Esha… 4, 2, 3- 9
Ok, for Esha… majority of us read 4,2, 3? Right?
Allah forgive us… 4,4,2,2,3,2-17

So anyways you work it out according to how you read … but the general answer would be like 31… so 31 times (or more) we read Bismillah with Surah Fatihah… but now if we have yaqeen on the above hadith-e-qudsi (hadith that Allah said) then imagine our reward?

Lets try to read it with yaqeen InshaAllah…

Allah grant me the abilty as well as you to read it with yaqeen!!



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