Be the change you want to see in others

There was this particular Imam who was preparing a friday sermon. While he was preparing his sermon, he was interrupted by his little son, jumping around him. The Imam felt that okay let me make my son constructive into something. His eyes fell on a map in a book infront if him. He said, “This is now wholesome and active engagement.” He took the map and tore it into pieces.
He said, “Okay my boy, you’ve studied geography, you undertsand the map, you put this together. Apply your mind, brainstorm, while i will prepare my lecture.”
So the Imam was occupied in his sermon and the son occupied in the map. Perfect.
The Imam thought that it will take him a good half a day and by the time his son is done the Imam will be done preparing his sermon.

But, suprisingly the boy is done in 5 minutes and the map is together.

Imam: how did you get this thing together

Son: dad, look on the flip side. There is an image of a human, i just put the hands and legs together…then the map came together…

Imam:you know my son, today you’ve given me a topic to talk about. If man comes right than the world is together.

Ali رضي الله عنه said: these 5 points
1. Theres only thing thing we have to fear…the repercussion and consequences of our sins..
Hasan Basri used to say, ” Oh sinner. Remember your attitude after a sin is worse then the sin itself. When you perpetrating the crime, and you not showing respect to the angels who record it, this is no less than the crime itself.
Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنه said, Rejoicing over commiting a sin is worse than the sin itself. Another persons regret to not committing a sin is worse than you rejoicing over committing a sin. When you are sinning and perhaps someone blows his horn or the cutains move or there is some suspicion, the moment you freeze..someone is eavesdropping, someone has came to know about it…but you never thought Allah is watching you is even greater than the sin.

Be the change you want to see in others.”

“Yesterday i was clever, i wanted to change the world, today I’m wise so I’m changing myself.”

2. Invest your hopes with your creator
3. And the young boy who doesn’t know, he should acquire knowledge
4. And the one who doesn’t know and he is asked a verdict, he should be honest and say he doesn’t know
5. The position of patience and tolerance in Imaan is like the head in the body. No human without a head so similarly no Imaan without patience. No full Imaan without patience.

A long life is not always good enough, but a good life is long enough.”

Extracted from a lecture delivered by Moulana Suliman Moolla


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