Problems…Part 1

Who wants to even hear that word, let alone read it?

Problems, sorrow, grief, pain…and the list goes on and on…

Now, look at this scenario….

A grade 1 pupil is learning how to add and subtract. 1 + 1 = 2
He finds it extremely difficult.
You sitting in grade 8 learning about negatives and positives and you find it extremely difficult.
And if you have to look at that grade 1 pupil you will say that, that is soooo easy!!!

So, you have to have good in your life to know the bad!

You cannot say: Nothing is good in my life!!

You get my point?

If you look at the dark side of life-you will never be happy…but if you at a dark point of your life and you look at a brighter side… you will be happy…

We complain so much … there is no end to our complaining…Allah forgive us for that … but look at those who are content with the little they have …

The sun always has to rise!!

If it doesn’t then you slept after maghrib and woke up after esha … and you saw that the sun hadn’t yet risen!!

Complaining never ever helps the situation!!

Now, its extremely hot… Uncle Abu has just came back from work …
As his crossing the road … he gets agitated. He makes dhikr of the sentence, “Its so hot. Its so hot.”
Do you think by him saying that over and over again will make the heat less?
As Uncle Abu reaches the bakery, he shouts , “Its so crowded. Its so crowded.”
He walks to the shelf and takes a loaf of bread. He looks at the price and realizes it costs him more than what he has in his pocket. Now, Uncle Abu says,”Oh, so expensive!”
Do you think its going to make it cheap by saying that?

Once, Al-Ma’afi bin Sulaymaan was walking with his companion, and his companion turned to him, frowned and said, “How cold it is today?”

Al-Ma’afi said, “Have you warmed up now?”

“No.”, he replied.

Al-Ma’afi said, “So what was the point of complaining? If you had glorified Allah, at least it would have been better for for you.”

Remember the word Patience?


“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. it means that
you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – Unknown

Slmz … Remember the Ummah in your duaas…


3 thoughts on “Problems…Part 1

  1. Soo true we need to leaarn to become grateful for what we have. We need to learn to start making shukr for whAt we have jazakallah for the awesome poSt:D

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