What is the meaning of the word ‘racism’?

We say no to something we guilty of…

Racism-abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race or culture..

Culture and Religion are two different things…we mix culture into religion..

We Indian South African’s have bad habits…just because a certain group of people are from a certain village (‘ghaam’) in India, we make others who are from a lower class village feel low. We mock them . We say they low class. We say such statements that offend them …

The old Aunties will say: My son can’t marry you daughter cause YOU come from that ghaam …

No way!

Its a tradition..when a boy comes to see a girl, the aunties have to ask which ghaam you come from…and if its from a low class one then “Our son can’t marry your daughter”…

Then you get the people that judge you according to your money …

We are muslim at the end of the day..(more like drom the beginning of the day)

The whole caste thing … its annoying … if your fore-fathers came from a specific ghaam … then people judge you according to that!!

Allah does NOT look towards your faces or you riches but He looks at what is in your hearts …

Who are we to judge ?

If you surtee, memon,coknee, lachpor, ali por, or whateverrr, YOU ARE A MUSLIM !! ALLAH IS NOT GOING TO JUDGE YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR GHAAMS!??

If you malay or arab you equal… Nabi صلي الله عليه و سلم said in His last sermon that No Arab is superior to a Non-Arab! And No Non-Arab is superior to an Arab …

Look at Hadhrat Bilaal رضي الله عنه …He was an African … He was dark-skinned and see how Allah raised his status!! He became a muazzin!

How can you judge?

How can you say that you are a certain ghaam … so you don’t mix with another … we are all equal … white, black, brown, orange(if you even get people like that) …

You told someone straight in their face a statement that hurt them ?

Hands up to whoever wants to break the wall of the Ka’bah?

You said: how can you? Its the house of Allah

Well, if you hurt another Muslim it is as if you broke the walls of the Ka’bah …

Now…you should go and tell the person Maaf…

Don’t treat them low-class!!

Before you judge others judge yourself …

JazaakAllah for the suggestion … anymore?


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