We find entertainment in the wrong things…entertainment in Islam is allowed…but the halaal type (offcourse).

We find entertainment in useless things…

How can you take enjoyment from something that causes Allah’s wrath?

How can you?

How can you take enjoyment from something that earns your entry into hell fire?

Its nice….thats what you might say…
But.. No!!

Deen is nice!!!

Music is a common fitnah these days! Music…
When dajjal comes…one of his fitnahs is that of music…
So, anyways…you read Surah Kahf for protection from his fitnahs…but you still go listen to music which is one of his fitnahs.. i mean…seriously???

“If you can’t resist listening to music now…then how will you resist when dajjal comes.”

Beautiful saying indeed…

We sit for hours watching films (seasons or whatever)…but we just can’t sit for even 5 minutes (let alone hours) making duaa?!

Enjoyment…haraam enjoyment?

How come?? How come??
We have lost our connection with Allah…we only remember Allah on fridays…no music only fridays….the rest of the week what happened to Allah?


We only remember Allah when we in difficulty and when theres a mayyit..

All the Yaaseens get taken out and we dress with shariah dress…the rest of the time we dress as if we have no Imaan.?

Okay…this is prevelant in today’s society…

May Allah change us for the better.! Aameen..

Suggestions? Topics i should blog about? Would be nice to know…


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